Changing Order Notification Emails (that go to the store)

Changing Order Notification Emails (that go to the store)

Order Notifications are emails that go to the store alerting them that an order has been made. This is a great reminder if a store is only doing a few orders a week. And, if for some reason the Order admin is down, then this email can be referenced by the personal shopper to still be able to pull the order and get it ready for the customer's pickup or delivery. 

It is a good idea for personal shoppers to get in the habit of regularly checking for new orders and not just relying on this email.

Push Notifications can also be set for personal shoppers to receive when an order is placed. Please see Order Push Notifications for Personal Shoppers for more info on how to set up.

1. Log into the Freshop admin at
2. Go to Stores > Service Provider Configurations
Stores Menu.

3. Store: Select the store name
4. Service Provider Type: Select Checkout Settings
5. Service Provider: Select Notification Email
6. Do your search
7. If this is set up, a search result will appear

8. Select the result and add email addresses by selecting the +ITEM button
Add Items section.
9. Save the update
10. If you did not see this set up then you can add one by selecting the +ADD SERVICE CONFIGURATION button
11. You will want to add this for all stores and all fulfillment types

Last Updated: 5/14/20

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