Changing Slot Date/Time Through the Orders Admin

Changing Slot Date/Time Through the Orders Admin

Freshop has made a recent change that allows stores to reschedule slot times for an order through the Freshop Orders Admin. Slot times can be updated for all applicable fulfillment types without being restricted by the slot restrictions. 

Allowing stores to modify slot times will be the default functionality for all stores going forward.

Assigning/Rescheduling a Date/Time 

If the 'Notify' option is enabled then the store has the ability to assign a date and time to the order. If a slot needs to be rescheduled, then a new date and time can be selected. In both instances the Order Changed email (if the store has enabled) will be sent to the customer once the new date and time is assigned/updated. 
  1. Login to the Freshop Admin at
  2. Go to Orders and select the order that needs to be updated
  3. Customer Info Section (at the top): Select the Manage link

  4. The Edit Order Fulfillment page will appear
    Update the Day and Time drop-downs
    Leaving Skip Slot Requirements unchecked will allow any slot to be selected. If checked, it honors all slot requirements such as lead time, etc. 
  5. Save the order
  6. The Order Changed email will go out to the customer with the saved update (if it was not previously disabled)

Disable Allowing Store Personnel from Changing Slot Times

However, if a store wants to prevent its store personnel from changing the slot time, then the Slot Settings SPC has to be changed as described here:

  1. Login to the Freshop Admin at

  2. Go to StoresService Provider Configurations

  3. Select Store: Select your target Store from the Select Store drop-down

  4. Select Service Provider Type: Select Checkout Settings from the drop-down

  5. Select Service Provider: Select Slot Settings from the drop-down

  6. Click the Apply button

  7. Click the JSON button

  8. Add disallow_skip_slot_requirements as a property with true as the value

  9. Save the JSON

  10. Save the SPC

  11. Wait for about 15 minutes and then test in the Orders Admin - the Edit Order Fulfillment page should not allow the update of date/times

Sample Configuration


  "slot_selection_message": "To ensure the health and safety…... All sales are final.",

  "slot_hold_duration": 0,

  "is_slot_capacity_sealed": true,

  "disallow_skip_slot_requirements": true


Sample SPC

Sample SPC - edit service provider configuration page.

Last Updated: 04/09/20
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