Circular Spots

Circular Spots

All PDFs and Offer files are required by Freshop 3 days prior to the ad’s start date (if we are making it clickable). 
This section can be found on the Freshop Admin under Circulars > Circular Spots.
1. Select a specific store. This will bring up the errors and warnings for every spot on the current circular ad. 
2. Select the Page link to open a new window to the whole Circular File page. 
3. Select the Circular Spot link to pull up a window where you can associate an offer or products with the spot. 

Errors and Warnings

  1. “No valid offers or products associated” - there is no associated offer or product with the spot
  2. “No active products for the selected offer” - we have an offer that’s hooked on the page to the spot, but there are no associated products
  3. “Number of available products doesn't match the number of associated offer's products” - the offer is for a specific number of products, and there are not enough products associated with the spot. This could occur if the product has no regular pricing in your files (we only have the sale price for the item), an item is suppressed, one of the store locations does not carry that item, etc. 
To address these errors and warnings, click the circular spot link of the one you wish to change to bring up the related spot. Here you can associate an offer or product(s) to the spot directly, as long as the offer is in the data you provided us.
In the Detail column to the right, you will see links to the circular page associated with that spot, as well as a direct link to the spot. 
Click the direct link to the spot to associate a product or offer with it.
Window to search for an offer to associate with the selected spot.

You can search for available offers or products directly in that window and select the related suggestion. We recommend searching offers using the product brand shown or the text that is directly in the ad. You select the related suggestion by clicking the check box to the right of the desired offer or product.

Once selected, the offer is now hooked to the ad spot. This will make the error or warning disappear from the page.

If you don’t see the correct offer in this list, you will need to check your offer file and send us the correct file if the offer is not there. Naming for each product needs to be consistent in the offer file and ad.
When you fix an error, it will fix it on all related circulars for other locations under the same banner. We suggest that you work at the specific store level and not the banner level when in this Admin section.

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