Circulars Admin

Circulars Admin

All PDFs and Offer files are required by Freshop 3 days prior to the ad’s start date (if we are making it clickable).

You can access this section on the Freshop Admin by navigating to the Circulars section and selecting the Circulars option from the sub-menu.

On this page, you are able to search for your store’s current circular ad. You can see the circular ID, Description, which stores the circular is for, the PDF URL, and the start and finish date of the ad.

The Circular ID number is assigned by Freshop for internal use only.

To view and edit the circular information, search for your store and click on the ID link. You’ll see the information about the circular here, and you’ll see each page of the circular in a list at the bottom.

If you click the red arrow in the far right column, you will see a button that says, “Generate PDF.” This is useful for pages that don’t currently have a PDF URL. Click the “Generate PDF” button to generate a PDF to load onto your site. It will usually take about 10-15 minutes for the new PDF to appear on the site.
If you sent us the wrong start and end dates in any files, you can change them here. Dates in Freshop Admin and in the files you share with us need to match for the ad to work properly.
When editing the dates for a circular ad, you must edit all of the start and end dates.

  1. Start Date: when the circular ad goes live
  2. Finish Date: when the circular ad ends
  3. Visible Start Date: when the circular ad is visible on your site; this is helpful if you have a preview day for the ad before it’s live
  4. Visible Finish Date: when the circular ad is no longer visible on your site
  5. Start Date Caption: when price disclaimer starts to show
  6. Finish Date Caption: when price disclaimer is no longer shown for this ad
  7. Description: the ad title that customers see on your site, i.e. “Prices good 04/10/19 through 04/16/19”
  8. Price Disclaimer: this shows at the bottom of the ad to remind shoppers of how pricing works for online shopping and list building, i.e. “Please keep in mind our weekly specials run Tuesday to Monday. So, if you are adding to your shopping list on a Monday for a Tuesday order or a shopping trip, the sale prices at checkout will differ depending on Tuesday’s new circular.”

If you have a page that you want to include with your weekly circular ad but it does not run for as long as the rest of the ad, you can click on the individual page ID and set specific start and end dates for that one page.

Set a specific start and end date for a page of your circular.

You can also update the order that circular pages appear on your site by changing the number in the Sequence field. (Sequence corresponds directly to page number.)

Click Save to save any changes you make to your circular. Your changes will be published to your site when the ad goes live—any changes will be visible on Freshop Admin immediately.

Updated: 5/16/19
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