Contact Us Form: Blocking Emails

Contact Us Form: Blocking Emails

This guide takes you through how to BLOCK specific email addresses from being able to submit through your Contact Us form.

This could be useful if you are getting SPAM from a particular email address in the Contact Us submissions.

1. Sign into WordPress

Navigate to your WordPress account. You will need both the WordPress URL for your site and have had the correct access granted. If you do not have either please contact the Freshop Support Team at through the Help Desk Portal or

2. Navigate to Settings

Once signed in, you will be directed to the WordPress Dashboard.

In the lefthand menu, locate Settings. Hovering over Settings will open a secondary menu. 

Select Discussion from the secondary menu. The page will look like the screenshot below:

3. Block Emails

Scroll down the Discussion Settings page until you get to the Comment Blacklist section. Type all of the emails you want to block from your Contact Us form into the box and click the Save Changes button at the bottom. 

Updated: 10/28/19

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