COVID-19 Support from Freshop

COVID-19 Support from Freshop

Freshop is getting lots of experience on COVID-19 for online that we may be able to help with. Here are some highlights:


  1. Freshop can set all products to a max of 3 per order, or by item, including with badges on products to indicate limits, good availability or out of stocks. See Badging with Shelf Tag Ids
  2. Freshop supports perpetual inventory, if you have it
  3. Freshop can do limited catalogs of items you KNOW you have or show items you moved yesterday, including using your personal shoppers marking items for substitution as "Out of Stock"


  1. Stores are challenged fulfilling the increased demand. On deliveries consider using stay-at-home to your advantage. Require 12 or 18 hours notice on delivery and make your window 10 am - 6 pm. Now you can select your order by geography and optimize deliveries by grouping 10 or more orders in each trip. Delivery north in the morning, south in the evening. You can even notify customers near another order and offer them the same slot.

  2. Freshop just added "NOTIFY" as a slot. Customers can select this (only or in conjunction with regular slots). If they choose Notify you can then edit the order once picked and put in a pickup or delivery date/time and the customer will receive an email with the update. The title and text may be changed and you can have either or both. It is a simple addition and is available in both the app and web:

    Schedule it option.
  3. Slots can be updated to do things like "6 hour lead on 20 or fewer items, 18 hour lead on other orders"
  4. 18 hours lead is MUCH better than 24 if you are pressed for labor but want customers to be able to order for next day
  5. For deliveries to areas that are on lock down - set the delivery time to a large window (10 AM - 6 PM) and then you can organize your deliveries to do them in groups by location
  6. Freshop has driver management, if you need. You can have drivers load an app and you can track location, dispatch and monitor performance. See OnFleet Integration
  7. New Freshop Insights can show you pick time and slot use. See Insights Dashboard

Last Updated: 04/16/2020

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