Creating a Freshop Admin User Account

Creating a Freshop Admin User Account

Admin Users are different than Customer Users. If you created a shopping account through your shopping website, this will not create an Admin User.

Creating Admin User Account: 2 step process

Step 1: To access the Freshop Admin you need to create an Admin user at  
Step 2: Then notify Freshop of the permissions needed. You may need to contact your supervisor (depending on the store procedure for creating admin users).

Step 1

If you are logged in you will need to log out until you see this screen. Click on  Create Account

Enter User Information 
Complete the information on the Create Account page. If you are creating multiple users, you will need to log out after completing this form for each user prior to creating a new one. 
Create Account Button: Creates the account if all required fields have been entered (Name, Email & Password)
Cancel Button: Removes all information entered and redirects back to the Sign In page

Step 2

Notify Freshop: Once your account is created you will receive this message saying
You have successfully created a new Freshop Admin account. 

To activate your account, please send an email to with the following information:
Email used to create the account
The store banner name
The selected store(s) you need access to
Specify if you need Full Admin or Personal Shopper (orders only) access
Please note that the request for admin access must come from the same domain as your site.
It is important to complete this final step after the user is created so that access can be turned on for you. Admin access can only be granted by the Freshop Team.

Updated: 03Nov2021

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