DoorDash: Drive Portal Training for Store Operators—NEW

DoorDash: Drive Portal Training for Store Operators—NEW

Please Note: Internet Explorer is NOT recommended. Please use Google Chrome.
 Please Note: If it is your 1st time accessing the portal you will need to do this through the portal link that was provided by email as the Store Operator will be asked to change their password. Once that is done you will find yourself in the Business section where the Dashboard can be viewed. If you go to Stores your store will appear 'inactive' and clicking on it will ask for bank information. Instead please navigate to to see orders. For more info please see the Freshop Knowledge Base Guide - DoorDash: Drive Portal Training for Store Operators.

Please Note: As of 2/6/20, if you need to add/update a user in the DoorDash Portal you will now need to contact the following (as you no longer have access to this functionality): 
  1. Freshop Account Manager (if you are in the process of on-boarding)
  2. Freshop Support Portal (if the on-boarding process is over and you are actively using DoorDash for deliveries) through the portal at or emailing

Please review the following PowerPoint presentation provided by DoorDash for further information on training your store operators: Drive Portal Training for Store Operators

It includes the following topics: 

  1. Drive Portal How-To
    1. Using Portal
    2. Managing Active Orders
    3. Preferring and Blacklisting Dashers
    4. Reviewing Order History
  2. Drive Portal Video Demo (3 min): Drive Portal SOF Walkthrough
  3. Customer Notifications
    1. Initial Notification
    2. Pickup Notification
    3. Tracking Page
    4. Ratings
  4. Placing New Orders
  5. FAQs & Support (Common Errors)
    1. It won't let me place an order using the Drive Portal because it's outside my coverage area 
    2. It won't let me place an order using the Drive Portal because it's outside of operating hours
    3. I need to edit, cancel, or reschedule an order. How do I make the change?
    4. The Dasher isn't here yet, and my customer just called to get an update. What do I say?

Last Updated: 02/06/20
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