Email Marketing Integrations

Email Marketing Integrations


Freshop currently integrates with the following email clients to support email marketing. Freshop manages a users opt-in, but does not trigger any email campaigns.
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) Simple Email Service (SES) - This service is used to support transactional emails. This is an outbound Email (SMTP) Integration.
  • Constant Contact - supports retailer managed email marketing programs. Freshop only supports user opt ins to those contact lists
  • Cheetah Digital - is a subscription list provider that supports user opt in management for marketing campaign emails. 
  • MailChimp - supports email marketing
  1. Mailgun 
Mailgun Account Setup - outbound email provider of one-way transactional emails. For more information see Automated Email Marketing.
  1. Mandrill
 Mandrill Account Setup - Mandrill is a paid add-on service offered by Mailchimp. This service can be used to send transactional emails to users.
The guides linked above include screenshots and process steps for completing common tasks on each platform. 


For assistance, please submit a ticket in the Freshop Support Portal at
Our article on How to submit a ticket will guide you through setting up your free account, show you how to create and submit a ticket and show you where you can see the status of your inquiry.

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