Freshop Express: Getting Started

Freshop Express: Getting Started

Welcome to Freshop Express!

As a way of getting on board quickly, we have a few things that we need you to do to begin the process.

1. Create a Freshop Support Portal Account

Please create an account at This will allow you to access the Freshop Support Portal Team for all questions and issues by submitting a ticket that you can follow the progress of. You will be sent an email invite that needs acceptance before you can login and access. If you did not receive an email please check your SPAM. If it is not there please email, give us your email address and we can resend the invite through the portal. 

This account also allows you to access all of our Knowledge Base Guides, some of which are listed below.  

The following guide will help explain this process to your team: How to Submit a Help Ticket on the Retailer Portal

2. Create a Freshop Admin Account

Please create an account at and then contact the Freshop Support Team at (the account that you just made in step #1) with the following info and we will get your Admin account activated.

This is the account that will allow you to access the Freshop Admin for fulfilling orders, managing product details and viewing reports. 

Please Note: If you just filled out the Freshop Express form for your store, then we may need to wait until your store has been added to the Freshop Admin before we can activate your account.
  1. Email used to create the account
  2. The store banner name
  3. The selected store(s) you need access to
  4. Specify if you need Full Admin or Personal Shopper access

The following guides will explain a bit more:  
  1. Create a Freshop Admin User Account  
  2. Freshop Admin User Roles Guide

3. Review Guides

To view all of our guides on the Knowledge Base you will need have your Support Portal account created (step #1 above). 

Please start by reviewing the other Freshop Express guides to get familiar with the process: 
  1. Freshop Express: Next Steps 
  2. Freshop Express: Store’s Own Product & Pricing Reflected 
  3. Freshop Express: Overview & Default Setup 
The following guides will also also be helpful in the management and setting up of the site: 
  1. File Sharing with Freshop
  2. Managing Product Detail
  3. Walk Path Guide
  4. Personal Shopper Job Description

The following guides will be helpful to the personal shopper and management team when fulfilling orders: 
  1. Freshop for Stores iOS Guide (iOS device)
  2. Freshop for Stores Android Guide (Android device) 
  3. Freshop for Stores App FAQs (iOS & Androide devices)
  4. Freshop Admin Guide for Personal Shopper (Web admin)
  5. Orders: Overview & Management (Web admin)
  6. Personal Shopper Best Practice Flow Guide

4. Download Apps

  1. The Freshop Groceries App is the consumer facing app that the public will use to order groceries from your site. 
  2. The Freshop for Stores App is what the personal shopper will use in fulfilling and processing the order. (There is also a web admin but the app is easier and more accurate with scanning the products)

5. Store Setup 'Complete' Notification

The Freshop Support Team will reach out once the store is set up on the Freshop Groceries App and website at by responding to the Freshop Express - Registration email that we get when the store fills out the Freshop Express form. 

We will send along Next Steps with a few questions that we will need answers to (tax rates, file & pricing confirmation, etc.) and applicable guides. Depending on the responses, there may be a few more updates on the part of Freshop and the store may need to review the Product Data (updating the 002 products, departments, etc.), create the walk path and start having employees, friends and family start placing orders to test the process. 

All questions and issues should be submitted to at this point through the account you created in step 1. 

Last Updated: 06/09/20

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