Freshop Express: Next Steps

Freshop Express: Next Steps

You have been notified through the Freshop Express - Registration email that your store is now up on the Freshop Groceries App and Website - what are your next steps? 

Next Steps

1. Account Setups

The first thing is to make sure that you have accounts set up for yourself in the following two places (these are covered in the Freshop Express: Getting Started guide as well) if you have not already done so: 

  • Create an account and let us know that you want Full Admin rights

  • This login gives you access to both the web Freshop Admin and the Freshop for Stores App (which gives access to the Orders Admin)

  • For example - Store Directors can have ‘Admin’ while Personal Shoppers have only ‘Personal Shopper’ access:

    • Personal Shoppers should just have access to the Orders Admin - whether they are using the web version or the app version

    • Create accounts for your Personal Shoppers as well

    • We recommend that each Personal Shopper has their own login so that they are accountable and you can look at Pick Duration Reports, etc. for efficiency

    • When requesting Personal Shopper access, please send in the required info that is detailed after creating the account at

    • Please Note: Users will not be able to access the Orders Admin until the appropriate role has been assigned by the Freshop Support Team


  • Create an account here as well

  • This gives you access to all of our knowledge base guides (which will help with most of your questions)

  • It also gives you access to our ticketing system where you can create tickets for questions and issues that our Support Team can help with

    • You will have access to the progress of tickets as well

  • Once you create an account you will receive an email invite that you need to accept before you can login and access

    • If you did not receive an email please check your SPAM. If it is not there please email, give us your email address and we can resend the invite

2. Confirm the Following

In the email you receive confirming that the store has been set up, you will be asked to confirm the following: 
  1. Tax rate(s)
  2. Whether you want to continue with the AWG product file, or if you want to upload your own files
    1. At this point, all stores have been deciding to use their own files, so please plan on a couple of days for the POS provider to update and then a couple of days for Freshop to complete
    2. If providing your own files there will be another set of questions coming your way along with FTP credentials
    3. The Freshop Express: Store's Own Product & Pricing Reflected will help provide some more info
  3. Confirm the pricing option - the default markup is 15% but some stores have gone with a 10% markup, some with in-store pricing and a 15% (or 10%) convenience fee at the end, and some with in-store pricing with a $4.99 pickup fee. The Commonly Asked Questions below will explain a bit more

3. Data File Setup Completed

Your products have been updated on the site per your POS provider files (and a separate spreadsheet of the scale/random weight 002 items if they are not in the provided files): 
  1. Review the products and make sure that they are all in departments (not SHOP so they can be found in search), they have updated user friendly names and images. This will mostly be for your store 002 items. The Managing Product Detail guide will help explain this some more
    1. Many CPG products should already have friendly titles and images provided by Freshop. We also run a department auto assignment that pulls from where other stores on the platform have placed this product
    2. You will need to concentrate mostly on the 002 products
    3. While Freshop does our best to help with this, it is the store's responsibility to manage

4. Set Walk Path

Once departments are verified, walk paths should be set through the Freshop for Stores app: 
  1. To set up see the Walk Path Guide
  2. To see the Walk Path menu in the Freshop for Stores App you need to have the role 'Tag Admin' assigned by the Freshop Support Team

5. Place & Process Orders

  1. Place orders on the Freshop Groceries App and website to see what the consumer will see
  2. Process the order through the Freshop for Stores App (or it can be done through the Orders admin on the web - which is not quite as efficient) to see what the Personal Shopper will see. See the applicable guides below:  
    1. Freshop for Stores iOS Guide (iOS devices)
    2. Freshop for Stores Android Guide (Android devices)
    3. Freshop for Stores App FAQs (iOS & Android devices)
    4. Freshop Admin Guide for Personal Shoppers (Web admin)
    5. Orders: Overview & Management (Web admin)
  3. Best practices for personal shoppers can be reviewed at Personal Shopper Best Practice Flow Guide
    1. Orders will be live. We recommend that stores start with having employees, friends and family start placing orders before it is announced to the public so that the store can work through the process
  4. Review that products, pricing and taxes are correct
  5. When the order was placed the store should have received an email and SMS that an order has been placed (both the email and mobile number should have been provided in the registration form)
  1. To add more email addresses see Changing Order Notification Emails
  2. Push notifications can also be received - see Order Push Notifications for Personal Shoppers
  3. It's good practice to regularly check the Orders Admin for new orders and not rely solely on these notifications as they can go down sometimes - but they are a great reference if there is ever an issue and the Orders Admin cannot be accessed. The Personal Shopper can at least see the products ordered and still work to fulfill it

6. Review 'Common Questions' Below

Common Questions

Please see below for the most commonly asked questions:

1. My store’s products and pricing are not reflected. How do we add our DSD items and Fresh items to the site?

  1. See the supported / recommended file formats at File Sharing with Freshop
  2. The Freshop Express: Store’s Own Products & Pricing Reflected will also provide some insight
  3. If you want to add your own weighted meat, etc. - send a spreadsheet to Freshop Support at that includes:
    1. Store_ID
    2. UPC
    3. Name
    4. Price
    5. Size (each, lb, etc.)
    6. Department_Path (Meat, Deli, Bakery, Produce, etc.)

2. From a financial standpoint, what mark up is Freshop suggesting above and over our everyday base retails? I am assuming we have to take into account the 6% that goes towards Freshop and some of our extra overhead.

There are four basic ways to price your site and it is completely up to the store in how you want to handle (Please Note: When the store is set up it does include the 15% markup):
  1. "Enhanced Pricing"

    1. The default on Freshop Express and is set to 15% above the in-store prices BUT can be changed to whatever the store decides

    2. Increasing the price by 15% with the credit card and anti-fraud fees in the 6% gives you room for margin to pick the orders without worries and you can offer a "no pickup fee"

    3. You should include that ‘products include a convenience fee and are not the same prices as in store’ during checkout. There is ‘default’ text which can be changed 

    4. Sale prices can be ignored, honored or discounted off the 15% increase, as desired

  2. "Convenience Fee"

    1. If you are able to get us your pricing we can do the same as in-store prices and then add a 15% (or your choice) convenience fee when checking out

    2. Prices on the site are better but customers could get sticker shock seeing $15 on a $100 order

    3. This may also help the personal shopper make sure they are pulling the correct item if the price matches

  3. "Pickup Fee"

    1. Most regular Freshop customers do the same price as in-store PLUS a pickup fee, typically $4.95, or so

    2. This is the best value for the customer, allows for all sale prices to be honored and works with most independent's thoughts on being open and fair

    3. The challenge is there are very real costs to doing eCommerce:

      1. About $8 in labor picking for most orders 

      2. Credit card fees (2.5-4% are the normal card not present rates) 

      3. Need to account for chargebacks and other fraud

  4. Cost-Plus

    1. Freshop fully supports stores on cost plus models

    2. You just add a pickup fee, if desired, like in option 3

3. I am not seeing taxes reflected - how do I add my Tax rate?

There are two ways that tax rates can be added:

  1. Through the data file if you are sending your own. See the supported / recommended file formats in File Sharing with Freshop. A tax class can be added there. You will need to send us the rate(s) to add - or add through the below instructions
  2. You can also go into the Freshop Admin at
    1. Go into "Stores / Tax" to set up the tax classes and rates based on your POS categories, if you have them
    2. This allows you to send a department in the data, set up a tax class and what departments use that class

4. Where do I log in and manage orders and product information? 

  1. For login please see the above comments for
  2. Managing orders can be done in the Freshop for Stores app (you will need to download) or the Freshop Admin at under the Orders menu
  3. Managing product info can currently be done at in the Freshop Admin in the Products section
    1. See the Managing Product Detail guide
    2. The Quick Edits Admin will allow you to update the product titles to friendly names, etc.

5. Can I update the order minimum amount, and if so, how?

Yes - by default the order minimum is set to $50. We can lower the minimum to $15, but can't remove it completely (due to the credit card processing fees incurred by Freshop). If you want this lowered please reach out to the Support Team at and we can update for you. 

6. How do we get this to run through our registers for sales and accounting purposes?

You will need to scan the order and run through a lane.

We recommend that you have an ONLINE tender type that can be entered to track the fee. 
Follow the instructions provided in the following guides (depends on type what admin/app and device you are using): 
  1. Freshop for Stores Android Guide (Android device) 
  2. Freshop for Stores iOS Guide (iOS device) 
  3. Freshop for Stores App FAQs (Android & iOS devices) 
  4. Freshop Admin Guide for Personal Shoppers (web admin) 
  5. Orders: Overview & Management (web admin)
If you are using BRData, Truno or RDS then these can be pushed right through if this has been set up (referred to as Push to POS). If you are using any of the 3 just mentioned there may be a cost from them for doing daily/weekly file loads. You will need to verify with your POS provider. 

If you are using the Push to POS functionality then please use these steps: 
  1. Process the order normally - until you get to Items Picked And Ready For POS. Since we've set the auto true-up as false, all orders will require a "POS Reference ID", which can be filled with the order number or any other value the store wants, as it is for store's reference only


  2. Once you get to Items Picked And Ready For POS, go inside the order


  3. Click the top right buttons on the right and select Push Order to POS or Push to POS - actual wording may differ, screenshots are from Android so might be slightly different on iOS


  4. For desktop, the Push to POS button will look like the following in the new 2020 Orders Admin at

  5. Once this option is selected then Freshop should see the request come through on our end and then the store should be able to confirm it appears as well
  6. If the store is NOT seeing the Push to POS option then Freshop needs to review that the setup has been done correctly
    1. Express stores are set up with auto True-up by default. Freshop needs to be sure that a new SPC is created to turn this off

7. How do we get notified an order has been placed?

See #2 above under Next Steps. You should be receiving both email and SMS store 'order placed' confirmations if you provided the info in the Getting Started form. 

8. Is there a pricing file that can be sent to us to evaluate pricing and products that we either carry or do not carry?

  • The Nebraska AWG file that they provide is what is automatically loaded which has about 4500 products in it

  • If you prefer to have your own products and pricing see Freshop Express: Store's Own Product & Pricing Reflected

  • This guide is also in the Freshop Express: Getting Started guide

  • To view both of these guides you will need to have created your account at as noted above

  • The products can be viewed on the app once the store has been set up

9. How do we put limits on purchases with the shortages we are having during COVID-19?

You can let us know to put in a maximum quantity that is allowed and what SKU/UPC it relates to. We have some stores where everything has a max quantity of 3 that can be purchased and we have stores where only TP is limited to a quantity of 1. The one thing that we do not support is ordering one of every kind of toilet paper - your team will need to enforce that. 

10. Can alcohol be added to the Freshop Groceries App?

Unfortunately no - at this time alcohol CANNOT be added to Express stores as there are legality issues for different state/counties, payment providers, age gates, etc.

11. How does the store receive payment?

For AWG stores, Freshop sends a weekly report to AWG for each retailer that outlines the gross sales, the 6% Freshop fee and the net due to the retailer. AWG will then be providing the payment. 

12. My admin screen does not look like yours from the webinar?

We have a new admin that is currently in Beta testing that will roll out shortly to everyone - You are welcome to try it out. 

13. On the Freshop for Stores app, how do we enter our random weight items (like meat and produce)?

Scan the random weight from the label and add the price into the order. 

14. We are ready to have Delivery set up. How do we go about this?

If a store decides to add delivery then submit a ticket through the Support Portal at with the following information and we can set it up for you: 
  1. Store Hours (Hours that store is actually open): 
  2. Lead Time (The required lead time for placing an order before it can be delivered): 
  3. Store Order Notification Email (The email address that the store gets order notifications at):  
  4. SMS Store Order Notification (The phone number that personal shoppers get order notifications to; Twilio should already be set up but you can verify in the SPC called Twilio):
  5. Delivery Zip or Radius (List the zip codes that you deliver to from this store. If this is by radius then give the radius from the store center that you will deliver to (ex. 10 miles, etc.)): 
  6. Delivery Fee
  7. Delivery Minimum Order (Pickup by default is set to $50 order minimum unless the store has requested a change. For Express orders, order minimums need to be at $15 or above): 
  8. Delivery Hours (Mon-Sun: 12pm-6pm):
  9. 30 or 60 minute Intervals
  10. # of deliveries per slot (1, 2, etc.):
If you are interested in having DoorDash set up please note that there is a separate fee and contract for this service.
For AWG stores, the weekly revenue will be done by AWG and the DoorDash fees will be charged to the payment method (provided by store in the contract signed with Freshop) on the 25th of each month by Freshop.
Once the contract has been signed Freshop will reach out with the next steps for on-boarding with DoorDash. We will need the above delivery details and there may be some on-boarding tabs you will need to fill out. 

Please review the Last Mile Delivery: DoorDash guide. If you are not interested in DoorDash, but another 3rd party delivery service please review Third Party Delivery Integrations Overview

Last Updated: 6/10/20

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