Freshop Express: Store's Own Product & Pricing Reflected

Freshop Express: Store's Own Product & Pricing Reflected

To get stores set up quickly, AWG provided Freshop a product file with 4500 products to get started (this applies if AWG is your wholesaler). 

However, we are finding that stores are wanting to show their own products and pricing. This does slow the process down a bit but can be handled after the store has already been added to the Freshop Groceries app & website. 

The best way for a store to add products is through a file but there are other ways included below as well. 

If you want to send in your own products and pricing, please read the Freshop Express: Next Steps guide and confirm the pricing model that you want to go with. The File Sharing with Freshop Guide will explain the fields needed. 

There are a few options in how a store can do this:

1. Add Products through Freshop Products Admin 

Most products that are common to many stores are already loaded but "hidden" by having NO Popularity. You can go into the Freshop Admin > Products / Quick Edit and Search for products you want to add. If they show as "Hidden for no movement" just do a quick edit and add the price and popularity. 
  1. 1 = your most popular item
  2. You can only add products that we have already been loaded
  3. To see the Products Admin you will need to have Full Admin access to the Freshop Admin

2. Get Item File From POS 

We have more than 3,000 stores on Freshop, so most likely we are already work with your POS vendor.
Truno, BRdata RDS & IT Retail are all very familiar with Freshop and can readily get us the files. For those POS systems we can even push the orders back into your system - called Push to POS (Freshop pushes the order to the POS system which prevents having to scan the items in a lane). 

If a store decides to provide their own files they must: 
  1. Be given the FTP credentials (sent by Freshop), download an FTP client (FileZilla or Cyberduck) and review the File Sharing with Freshop guide 
  2. Contact through the account they have set up (the POS provider can email providing the following info:
    1. POS provider and contact information
    2. Notify Freshop when files are up on the FTP (The store can count on a couple of days for the POS provider to complete and then a couple of days for Freshop to complete, once we have been notified. It may be the store or the POS provider that is notifying us that files are up on the FTP). The store should be notifying us through the account they have set up at; the POS provider can just notify
    3. Email address(es) for the file load notifications - this should be a person at the store that can either upload a new file or contact the person that can if an ERROR email is received
    4. Provide the frequency and timing that we can expect the file(s) to be up on the FTP (ex: daily at 5am). Freshop generally sets the cron job to be 30 min to 1 hour after the time they tell us 
    5. If the POS provider is RDS, ITRetail, BRdata or Truno: Let us know if the Push to POS functionality needs to be implemented - there is generally a fee from the provider for this so remind the store to check with their provider. See the Push to POS section below for more info on this
    6. If the POS provider is Truno: Then TruCommerce will be implemented and we will need for them to supply the following (there is usually an extra cost from Truno for this so they need approval from the store before it can be implemented): 
      1. Credentials and URL for each store
      2. Attended or Unattended?
      3. Are nsc-2 UPCs weighted or unweighted? 
      4. We do not need to provide the FTP credentials to Truno
      5. Freshop will not be able to add the default 15% markup on prices as Truno does not use our FTP. The store will need to use in-store pricing and either add the 15% convenience fee at the end of the checkout process (which Freshop can do with a negative promotion) or they can have in-store pricing with a $4.99 pickup fee (fee can be whatever store wants)
    7. Confirm whether scale/random weight 002 items (meat, deli, bakery, produce, etc.) will be supplied in the POS provider file
    1. If YES, the Freshop development team needs to be sure the script accepts these to show on the site
    2. If NO, then the store will need to provide a separate spreadsheet: 
      1. Must be in csv or xls format - Google Doc will not be accepted as it is not machine readable
      2. Include: Store ID, UPC, Name, Price, Size (each, lb), Department (either the high level POS category or Meat, Deli, Bakery, Produce, etc.)
      3. Headers must say: Store_ID, UPC, Name, Price, Size, Department_Path
      4. Must be put up on the FTP (will need to use the FTP credentials sent by Freshop and download an FTP client like Cyberduck or FileZilla)
      5. Frequency & timing that we can expect the file to be put on the FTP - must be the same each week. Most stores send weekly but it is up to the store, it depends on how often prices change (ex: every Tuesday at 6am) and meat prices have been changing quite a bit during COVID-19
      6. File name and format must stay the same from week to week or the file will not load and an ERROR notification will be received - please use Freshop_Scale_Price-yyyy-mm-dd (Freshop_Scale_Price-2020-06-08 with the date updated for each file to be loaded)
      7. Email address(es) for the file load notification

3. Spreadsheet 

You can also just send us a spreadsheet. This is also what we will need if the store needs to provide a separate spreadsheet for the scale/random weight 002 items, if they are not provided in the file from the POS.

Please see the File Sharing with Freshop guide for more info but this is what we need included: 
    1. Store_ID
    2. UPC
    3. Name
    4. Price
    5. Size (ex. lbs, each, etc.)
    6. Department 

4. Product Manager - Freshop for Stores App

You can also now manage products in the Freshop for Stores picker app (currently only available in iOS devices; Android should be coming in June/July 2020). You now have the ability to walk the aisle and scan an item. If it's already there, you can update the price. If it's not there, you can add the item, set the price and publish.
Please keep in mind though that when you do it this way it is considered an override and all overrides always take precedence over any details that come in through the file, whether it is price, name, etc. - so this can be difficult for the store to keep track of - and it will be the store's responsibility to remove these overrides once put in if you want the information in the file to take precedence.

The person that will be adding it needs to have the following roles assigned to see the menu: Store Admin, Product Admin, Tag Admin. 

Once the user can see the Product Manager menu on an iOS device - they just need to scan the item. Add it if it is not there, along with price and publish it. The below will help explain a bit more: 

  1. Open the Freshop for Stores App and login
  2. Select Product Manager from the menu

  3. Select the correct store - if you have more than 1 store and the product and price are the same at each then you can add it at the parent store level, otherwise select the child store
  4. Select the scan icon in the upper right


  5. Scan the product
  6. Click the Add Override button


  7. Enter:

    1. Product Name
    2. Whether it is suppressed (most likely no as you are adding it)
    3. Start and End dates that. it should be active on the site
    4. Quantity
    5. Price
    6. Enhanced Pricing if applicable
    7. Is Weight Required
    8. Size
    9. Popularity
    10. Department
  8. Select the Publish button. Updates may take up to 15 minutes to appear for the store
When you are processing an order and you want to substitute any "popular" item we have loaded to your store (even with no price or popularity) may be added or substituted on an order. Don't forget to update the price!

Last Updated: 7/7/2020

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