Freshop for Stores App FAQs

Freshop for Stores App FAQs

1. Is there an ability to enter manufacturers and vendor coupons using the picker app at the car window?

There is no way to actually scan the coupon or enter it into the picker app but you can override the price from the app to reduce the price/qty by the coupon/offer and then scan the coupon when you are back in the store at the POS. For process/store protocol, you would need to true up the order after you hand it off to the customer and have confirmed coupons.  

2. How do you handle bottle deposits, returns, credits?  

Bottle deposits are handled in the online admin under checkout summary.

1. Select Change in the Checkout Summary

Checkout Summary with Item Totals and Estimated Total.

2. Change opens this window where you can enter the bottle deposit:

Order window that allows admin user to enter a bottle deposit.

3. Can you enter the customer’s date of birth using the Personal Shopper App at the car window?  

DOB can be entered as a note in the Personal Shopper App.

Note section of customer profile on Personal Shopper App.

This document will be updated as we receive questions. Last updated: 7/23/18