Freshop Referral Program

Freshop Referral Program


Let your customers spread the word for you!  Set set up a referral program on your site to allow existing customers to share their love for online shopping and get money back when they do.

Create a Landing Page

Start by setting up a landing page in WordPress for the referral program that talks about the benefits and give some basic instructions to your customers.
The page is meant to explain your referral program and provide a place to send your customers for more details.
See a sample of the kind of instructions you can provide on this page you create: 
  1. Visit “My Account” to access your referral code.  
  2. Click on Copy Code to send it in an email or text
  3. Click on Copy Link to share via social media. Your friends will use this link to create their account or they can enter the referral code during registration. Once your friend creates an account they can place their first order and receive $10 off.
  4. After your friend’s order is closed out, you will receive an email that lets you know you have received $10 off your next order.

How to enable this feature

Submit a ticket.
Include in the ticket:
  1. Let us know that the page is set
  2. What you would like the referral offer to be.
    1. There are two potential offers: one for the referrer and one for the referee.  Don't forget to send us details on both.
  3. note any restrictions on the offer
Example 1:
Refer a friend and you'll both receive $10 off your order. There is a minimum order value of $50 to be able to use the $10 off promotion.

Example 2:
Refer a friend and receive $10 off your order.   Your friend will receive $5.00 off a minimum order value of $50.00

We will set the promotion up in Freshop admin>Stores>Promotion.

Keep in mind that you will need to create your own internal code to take the promo off at the POS. This does not have to match our promo code as it will be for your internal tracking only.


For assistance, please submit a ticket on our Retailer Portal.