Freshop Status Portal

Freshop Status Portal

We have recently launched a Freshop Status Portal that we encourage you to visit if you have any questions about the status of Freshop systems. We will be updating this portal as we detect issues/outages:


The portal provides you with instant access to Freshop Operational Status broken down by:


·      Overall

·      Freshop Admin

o   Freshop Admin for Web

o   Freshop for Stores App (iOS)

o   Freshop for Stores App (Android)

·      Freshop API

·      Freshop Workers

·      Website Hosting

·      Payment Gateways

·      Outbound Email

·      Outbound SMS

·      POS Integration

·      Loyalty/Digital Coupon

·      Last Mile


We are also displaying live Response Time and Latency graphs showing:


·      Freshop API Response Time

·      Freshop Worker – File Processing Latency


Past Incidents are listed at the bottom of the page with detailed information about issues and their associated resolutions by date and time.


Please take a moment to check out the new Status Portal at

We welcome your feedback and hope this page will become your go-to when you have questions about current operational status.

Receive Automated Email Notifications

We have also begun emailing automated outbound status notifications so that you will be notified as soon as possible when we are experiencing issues. 

Anyone that wishes to receive these emails is encouraged to sign up by subscribing to Freshop Status Notifications from (in order to receive notifications you must already have an admin account created): 
  1. Go to and login

  2. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of your name (top right corner)

  3. Select Profile 
  4. Select Freshop Status Notification under the Notifications section 

 As always, we sincerely appreciate your business and partnership.

Last Updated: 03/22/20

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