How to Post A Store Banner/Alert

How to Post A Store Banner/Alert


During an emergency or unforeseen event, you may find it necessary to post an alert that displays at the top of your homepage, such as the following:

Step 1: Creating A Banner

1. Creating a banner (alert message) can be done via the WordPress Admin section of your website. Begin by logging into your store's WordPress site.
2. In the left navigation, locate and select “Site Banners.”
Side navigation with Buckets selected, revealing a drop down menu.

3. Select an existing banner to edit by clicking on the title in blue, as shown here: Deliveries May Be Delayed Due To Weather Conditions.
      Or, create a new banner by clicking on “Add New” at the top of the list next to the page title, Site Banners.
Site Banners page.
4. If you chose to edit an existing banner, click on the title to edit the copy in the text field as shown.  Or, if you selected to “Add New” enter a new title and new copy to create a new banner.
Edit Site Banner page.
Add New Site Banner page.
5. Once changes have been made be sure to click the blue “Update” button on the right to save your work. Additionally, you will need to select a status for your banner– whether this banner is:
  • Published: Posted and “live” on the site
  • Pending Review: Waiting on approval
  • Draft: Created but not displayed and not “live” on the site
Publish section.

6. Again, be sure to select “Update" to save your changes.
7. When the alert has ended, just change the status to “Draft” or delete the alert by selecting “Trash” under the title of the banner on the first “Site Banners” page.

Site Banners page.

You can create different banners and change the status’ to “Draft” to keep on hand should the same alert be necessary to post in the future. You would then just change the status to “Published" again.

Step 2: Banner Association

1. Once you have created a banner, you will then need to determine on which site(s) the alert will show. Banners appear on your homepage with the default options to have them show when a shopper does not have a store selected or when any store is selected. You can also assign the banners to appear on the homepage only when an individual store location or a group of certain stores are selected by creating “Store Groups.”

2. At the bottom of each individual banner page (the editing page where you have entered in the title and copy) are the Groups that you can associate your banner to.
Edit Site Banner page.

Site Banner Attributes tab.

3. Check the boxes on the Group(s) you want to display the banner for. You can create new groups for certain stores in addition to “No Store Selected” or "Any Store Selected.”

Step 3: Create a Store Group

Here are the steps to follow to create a new Group and then assign one or more stores to the Group. You will then need to associate each banner to a group(s) as mentioned in Section 2.

1. Sign into your store’s WordPress site.
2. On the left nav, locate and select “Toolset” then “Post Fields."
Side navigation with Toolset highlighted, revealing a secondary menu.
3. Navigate through the pages and find the listing for “Store Information.” Select “Edit.” 
Store Information tab.
4. Expand the “Store Group” drop-down.
Store Group checkboxes tab.

5. Look for the “Checkboxes” section. 
Checkboxes section of Store Group information page.

DO NOT touch the first and second options listed: No Store Selected and Any Store Selected. Leave those as-is. These are groups available for every banner and should remain so.

Instead, to add a group, click “Add option.“
Checkboxes section of Store Group information page.

6. This will open up a new “Checkbox title” section for you to complete. You will only complete the “Title” and “Value to Store“ fields.

As in the example below, the new group is titled “New York” and the "Value to Store" is “3.” The “Value to Store” field defaults to 1. It is recommended you increase each new group by an increment of 1. So, if the last group you added had a value of 2 like the sample, the new value here is 3. Each group should have a unique number, so by increasing by 1, you are sure to keep to that rule. If you need to recall the last value assigned, click on the expanding arrow of the group listed directly above your new group and see the "Title" and "Value to Store" assigned to that group.
Checkbox Title section.

7. Click on the blue “Save Field Group” button at the bottom of the page.
Save Field Group button.

8. This will save the new group and you can now associate stores to this group.
Store Group Checkboxes tab.

Step 4: Associate Stores To A Group

1. Locate and select the “Stores” menu in the left navigation.  
Side navigation with Stores highlighted, revealing a secondary menu.
2. Scroll through the pages and locate the store you wish to associate to your new group and click to "Edit." In the example, “Bay Ridge” will associate to the New York group we just created.

Existing Stores.

3. In the middle of the page, find the “Store Information” section. Click the checkbox(es) of the group(s) this store should be associated with in relation to the image sliders.
Store Information tab.

4. Be sure to click on the blue “Update” link to the right of the page after assigning a store to a group. Otherwise your changes changes will not be saved. 
Publish tab.

5. Continue to assign each store to their relative group. Once set, you can use the “Site Banners” menu to view existing or create new banners and assign them to groups.


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