Freshop WordPress: Creating a Department Banner

Freshop WordPress: Creating a Department Banner

Create a Department Banner

Banner's can be added per department categories on WordPress sites with the following instructions: 

1. Login to the store's WordPress site
2. Select Departments from the menu

3. Select Add New
4. Fill in the Department Fields and Save

Final Step

You have your Department Banner created but it is not showing up on the site? There is one LAST step that needs to be completed - the department needs to be hooked up to Freshop's API. 
  1. In the Freshop Admin, navigate to:!/tags
  2. Select your Store
  3. Select Tag Types: Type in Department
  4. Find the department you are trying to link 
  5. Click the Add Tag Attribute button
  6. Fill in the following fields: 
    1. Key*: js_navigation_path
    2. Value: Should be the relative path of the department (in this case /departments/deli)
  7. Save the update
The above steps need to be complete for each department landing page that you want LIVE on the site. 

Deli department banner.

Department Banners show in the desktop/mobile browsers - they do not show in the iOS/Android apps.
Last Updated: 4/28/20

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