Google Analytics: Hosted Payment Provider Referral Exclusions

Google Analytics: Hosted Payment Provider Referral Exclusions

Common Issue

Customers leave the merchant’s website to make their payment on a 3rd party hosted payment provider’s website. After they complete their payment, customers are then redirected back to the URL provided by the merchant. When customers return to the merchant’s website a new Google Analytics session is started, which creates a source and medium of, respectively, “<payment provider domain>” and “referral.”

How To Fix

Referral Exclusions must be added to the Google Analytics settings at the Property level to ensure the customer’s return does not start a NEW Google Analytics session.

Since the shopper leaves the merchant’s site for <payment provider domain> and then returns via <payment provider domain>, set up Google Analytics to recognize this behavior and properly report it.

To do this, go to
Admin > Tracking Info > Referral Exclusion List. Add “<payment provider domain>” if it is not already included (see screenshot below).

Hosted Payment Provider

Payment Provider Domain

Freshop - This domain should always be excluded






First Atlantic Commerce (FAC)


Last Updated: 01/14/20
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