Integrating with Constant Contact

Integrating with Constant Contact

Required Information

Information needed to integrate with Constant Contact API (V2):
This guide will take you through the steps to get each piece of information needed. 

1. Sign up/ Log in

Sign up ( for a Constant Contact Developer account and log in.

Sign up page for creating a new account on Constant Contact.

Sign up for an account page, continued.

Once the account is created, an email is triggered to the registered email address for confirmation. Click on the confirmation link and activate the account.

Once your account is confirmed, log in to the platform. 

Log in to Constant Contact.

2. Register Application

Once you login, it will display the Home screen. You will see the option to create a new application. Click on the “Create a New Application” button.
Home page.

Use the application name as “Freshop” and register the application.
Constant Contact Application Registration page.

Constant Contact Application Registration page, continued.

The following information gets generated once the register button is clicked:
My API Keys page.

The API Key in represented in the "Key" section of this page. 

2. Get the Access Token

Click on this link: ( From here, you can generate the access token. Click “Get Access Token” button.

API Tester page, where you can generate an access token.

It will open up another form for registration. Use the same credentials used before (Step 1) to register again.

Log In to Constant Contact account.

Once you click on create account and the account is successfully registered, there will be a link to get the access token. Clicking this link will prompt you to log into your Constant Contact API account again.

Upon login, it asks to allow Access – click on “Allow."
Allow Access page.

Then, the access token is generated. This needs to be copied and shared with Freshop at
Your access token.

When you send us this access token, also include a list of which Constant Contact email lists you want to have displayed on site (in case you have multiple lists and do not want all displayed or some are not in use).

5. Help

Please contact with any questions.

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