Lane Buster: Introduction & On-Boarding Process

Lane Buster: Introduction & On-Boarding Process

What is Lane Buster?

Lane Buster is a low-cost, highly effective solution from Freshop that a retailer can leverage to reduce the cost of adding additional checkout lanes in their stores and increase their in-store customers’ satisfaction. 

This solution is great for stores when lines are long and the customers only have a few items in their cart. Waiting in line to scan 5 items behind someone shopping for their family of 5 is not ideal. Self-checkout stations are one answer, but Freshop has an easier way. 

Take advantage of our new Freshop for Stores app feature to keep customers moving through your store and coming back even for their small shopping trips. Lane Buster allows store employees to use a Stripe card reader to checkout customers with a few items, so they can get in and out without a long wait. 

Store employees can follow the below workflow: 

  1. Choose the Lane Buster option in the Freshop for Stores App

  2. Create an order

  3. Scan items to add products to a list

  4. Scan the customer loyalty card or enter the loyalty information (optional)

  5. Enter the email or mobile phone number to send the customer a receipt (optional but suggested)

  6. Use a Stripe reader with a magstripe (credit card only) with a mobile phone to take the payment

  7. Complete the order and send the happy customer on their way!

Even if a customer does not have an online account with your store, they will be able to use our Lane Buster feature at checkout.

Retailer's Responsibility

Please Note: This feature requires an additional license and/or usage fee.

  • Decide on the number of Lane Buster terminals required for your store

  • Complete the licenses and commercials discussion with Freshop

    • Freshop is in the process of finalizing the commercial and contractual clauses

  • Procure iPhones(s) and load it/them with the Freshop for Stores App

    • Lane Buster is supported only in iOS as of now

  • Optionally attach a LineaPro to each iPhone for easier barcode scanning (

    • Freshop highly suggests this option to avoid the risk of iPhones running out of battery and for a better barcode scanning experience

  • Sign up with Stripe for payment account, if you don’t have one - see Integrating Stripe API Keys for more info

    • Freshop Lane Buster only supports integrating with Stripe accounts as of now. We have other payment gateway providers, such as Square and Zift, in our roadmap

  • Procure a credit card reader/terminal (

    • Freshop only supports this model as of this moment

    • There is a one to one connection between the Freshop for Stores App and a card reader 

  • The iPhone and the Card Reader connects over BlueTooth, so keep the BlueTooth turned on in the iPhone

  • During the first order, at the time of checkout, the Freshop for Stores App will look for nearby Card Readers and automatically connect to it

  • Identify the ‘Personal Shoppers’ that should be provided with access to the Lane Buster feature and share their email-IDs with Freshop to enable access at

    • The store personnel will need both Personal Shopper and Lane Buster roles added to their account

    • Along with the above roles let Freshop also know what store it should be enabled for

Freshop’s Responsibility

  • Enable licensing and handle license financials 

  • Turn on Lane Buster functionality for the store

  • Add the “Lane Buster” role to the personal shoppers identified by the Store

  • Enable Email and SMS templates for in-lane pickup fulfillment type (customize if required)

  • Set up auto true-up and auto push-to-pos (if required)

Demonstration Screenshots

1. Login with a user that has the Lane Buster and Personal Shopper roles and access to the targeted Store.

 2. Select the targeted Store.

 3. Tap Create Order.

4. Add order items by Searching, scanning with the Camera, or scanning with a LineaPro. Then tap Continue.

 5. Optionally scan a loyalty card with the Camera or LineaPro, enter an Email and/or Phone and tap Next. You should receive a receipt if you enter an Email.

 6. If it isn’t already connected, wait for the reader to connect and tap Ok.

 7. Swipe, Insert, or Tap using the credit card.

 8. Tap Close to return to the first screen where you can create another order if needed.

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