Door Dash Account Setup

Door Dash Account Setup


Freshop has integration with DoorDash extending the ability to offer grocery delivery to support your customers without large capital investments or long-term commitments.

DoorDash is an on-demand prepared food delivery service that has entered into the online grocery delivery space (aka “Last-Mile Delivery”). This new expansion of service has created an awareness for their “Dashers” of this additional opportunity to include more than restaurant orders and include the delivery of grocery orders - creating a new opportunity for stores to improve customer experience and offer delivery. 


When you add the DoorDash delivery option to the Freshop platform, you can begin to automate the delivery process and have orders delivered to online customers through this third-party service. When an order is submitted through your Freshop platform store designated for delivery, the normal process of the personal shopper being notified will occur. The personal shopper will fulfill the order through the store’s standard practice. Once the order is marked “Ready for Delivery”, Freshop triggers a notification to DoorDash to dispatch a “Dasher” to the store, arriving at the designated pickup area. Groceries are loaded and the Dasher is on their way to the customers’ destination - completing the last mile fulfillment and keeping your employees present to work on more orders.  

How It Works

Checkout Delivery Option

For delivery orders, Freshop will ask the address for the delivery, and for DoorDash to cover, the delivery address must be within 8 miles. If it’s covered Freshop will show a list of stores that provide the service the customer can choose from. Customers then build their list as normal and on checkout will be able to select their delivery slot and see any associated fees (e.g. service fee, if the store has decided to have a separate fulfillment fee). 


The fee for this service is $8.50 for the first two (2) miles. Beyond that, it is $1.00 for each additional mile (Max 8 miles). You will be billed monthly by Freshop for your use of this delivery service. 

Tip Option

Customers may select a tip to accompany the order for the Dasher. DoorDash suggests we include the following options: 3%, 5%, 7%, and other amount choices with a default tip of 5%. 

Request Dasher for Delivery

Your personal shopper collects and bags the order items. They will then mark the order “Ready for Delivery”. Freshop then sends a notification to DoorDash who then dispatches a “Dasher” to the store location to retrieve the order for delivery.  

Dasher & Store Connection

It is required for the store to provide specific instructions for picking up orders at each of the stores using this service. This includes defining the specific location and how to notify stores of their arrival. Generally, when the Dasher arrives at the store’s designated pickup location, they will notify the store’s Personal Shopper to bring the order out and load it into their vehicle. 

The Delivery

The Dasher will drive the order to the customer’s location and carry the groceries to the designated location. Upon successful delivery, Freshop will receive a notification and the status of the order will be updated to “Delivered”. If unsuccessful, we will need your procedures for orders that are refused or when the delivery is not able to be completed. These will be shared with DoorDash to inform their Dasher. If a dasher needs to return an undelivered order to the store, and the customer will be alerted or another driver will be dispatched. Additional fees may be associated in these instances. 


  1. Freshop sends an invoice monthly to the retailer for deliveries which details each delivery.
  2. The retailer will receive the total cost of groceries, the delivery fee, and the Dasher's tip minus any merchant fees.
  3. Not all wholesalers are accepting DoorDash billing so the store may be invoiced directly - this should be confirmed during the onboarding process.

DoorDash Support

If you need information on Freshop Door Dash Support Flow please read this article

How to enable this integration

Option 1

If you are onboarding and want to integrate with Door Dash as a last-mile delivery provider send your Account Manager an email and Freshop will work with you to enable this integration.

Option 2

If you are live with e-commerce and want to enable Door Dash as a last-mile delivery provider please submit a help ticket in the  support portal and Freshop will work with you to enable this integration.


Do you support age restrictions/alcohol deliveries?
Yes - all age-restricted/alcohol deliveries require ID verification in the Dasher app where the Dasher must collect and scan the customer's ID. Alcohol deliveries can only be completed after the customer's ID is verified successfully. If verification fails, the Dasher does not complete the order and will return the items to the merchant. 
For a current listing of states that offer this:
Do we get proof of delivery and, if so, in what form?
Yes, in a few ways: 
  1. You'll be able to see live order tracking information in your Drive portal (You will receive login info and walkthrough resources closer to launch), including order status and delivery verification.
  2. From an API perspective, there are a few webhook triggers that will alert the API both when the GPS on the Dasher's app approaches the customer's delivery address and when they manually mark the order as delivered.
  3. For any specific questions or issues, you'll also have a dedicated DoorDash VIP support phone line and email for Freshop Support that you can always reach out to with inquiries. 
Is "Leave in a safe place" supported? If so, does the Dasher take a picture or note the location?
Yes - we do have the ability to customize drop-off instructions to allow for "Leave in a safe place", but we heavily recommend that deliveries are handed directly to a customer to ensure successful delivery to help maintain the cold-chain compliance, handle perishable items safely, etc. - but we are happy to discuss further! 
Can you have “signature required” or some other way of requiring a person to take the order?
Yes - we have set up the account to require the Dasher to collect a signature upon delivery for all orders (including returned deliveries to the store) - and recommend this practice.
What happens if a Dasher is not available to deliver an order?
DoorDash will always find a Dasher. But in the rare instance that this may occur, the Retailer can issue a refund to the Customer and submit a refund request to the Freshop Help Desk using the Retailer Portal at Freshop will request the refund from DoorDash and once received will include the refund in the monthly invoicing to the wholesaler/retailer (depending on how billing is set up). 
Do Dashers have an ID that they present at order pickup? How do they identify themselves when they come to the store? 
The Dasher can present the app to confirm their identity. 
Can a delivery area have an associated fee (pickup fee, etc.) that is added to the base fee?
Yes - any delivery area can have an associated fee added to the base fee. 
If a store wants to offer a Free Delivery promo, can this be applied while using DoorDash?
Yes - promos will work as usual. For more info on how promotions work please see the Promotions Knowledge Base Guide. 
Is there a mechanism in place that tracks how many bags a Dasher picks up from the store (this protects both the store and the driver)?
No - this functionality is not currently in place. 
What happens if the Dasher is late delivering the order and the delay is the driver's fault and not the store's?
There is a 40-minute cushion built in. Any delay trends should be sent to the Freshop support portal or be addressed with DoorDash Support. DoorDash currently has a 98% on-time delivery percentage. If determined that DoorDash is at fault, a refund may be issued.  For more info see Freshop/DoorDash Drive Support Flow.
What standards does DoorDash have in place and what do they do to monitor?
On launch day, DoorDash always monitors live orders to confirm the first few go smoothly. Orders are monitored 24/7 by DoorDash support. 
How does billing work?
DoorDash sends a monthly invoice to Freshop and Freshop then invoices the wholesaler/retailer (depending on how billing has been set up). Freshop sends out a monthly invoice 10-15 days before the payment is to be processed.  This process is subject to change depending on the DoorDash billing. 
Please Note: Freshop requires a credit card or ACH bank info to be on file for billing processing. 
Are Dashers able to cancel orders or remove themselves from large jobs?
No - once a Dasher confirms the order on their app, they are obligated to complete it. If they do need to remove themselves (there is a personal emergency), they would need to contact DoorDash Support who would work with them to find another Dasher to accept and deliver the order. 
In terms of Dashers removing themselves from jobs due to the size of an order, they can see the number of items on the order when they accept the job, so this is typically not an issue. But it is possible to add instructions stating that 'This is a large grocery order - please ensure there is ample room in your vehicle' or something similar to set expectations. As Dashers are independent contractors, they are technically allowed to remove themselves from a job if they need to, but this does not happen very often. 
For condos and apartments - do Dashers deliver to the door?
The dasher is always instructed to deliver items to the front door of the customer for all grocery orders. In cases where the Dasher isn't able to deliver all the way to the front door, we've found it is typically because instructions for the Dasher to buzz/call up to the actual apartment were not added on to order itself. 
If there are instructions listed and the Dasher still does not, then the store should blacklist the Dasher from being able to accept orders from that location (for more info on how to blacklist Dashers see DoorDash: Drive Portal Training for Store Operators & DoorDash: Drive Portal Guide ). Additionally, instructions can be added for the Dasher that say something like 'If the delivery is to an apartment, please make sure to deliver all the way and contact the customer if you are not able to gain access to the building'.


For assistance, please submit a ticket in the Freshop Support Portal at

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