MailChimp Account Setup

MailChimp Account Setup


Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. 

How to setup MailChimp

Step 1 Log In

1. Log in to Mailchimp

2. Click on the arrow in the top right, where your account name is displayed. From the dropdown menu, click on the Account tab.
Secondary menu showing under the main navigation.

Step 2 Get your API Keys

1. You will be directed to the Account Overview section.
2. Click on the Extras drop-down and then click on API Keys.
3. Here you are able to create new API Keys and access saved keys
Account Overview page.
Information about the MailChimp API. 
If an API key doesn’t exist, click on Create A Key button. If an API key was already generated, then that can be shared for integration.
List of existing API keys.

Step 3 Get the Audience ID

1. From the left menu select Audience > then select All Contacts

3.  Under Settings select Audience name and defaults

4. Copy the Audience ID

Step 4 Invite Freshop as a User

1. Go to your name in the top right and select Account from the drop-down.
2. Go to Settings > Users and invite a user. Select Admin as the user type. 
3. Enter as the email address to invite Freshop as a user.

How to enable this integration

Option 1

If you are onboarding and want to integrate with MailChimp send your Account Manager an email with the following information and Freshop will complete the integration.
To: Your Account Manager
Subject: OnFleet API Key
API Key 
Audience ID 

Option 2

If you are live with e-commerce and want to integrate with MailChimp please submit a ticket with the following information on our portal and Freshop will complete the integration.
API Key 
Audience ID


Can Freshop import email addresses from another system to Mailchimp for marketing campaign emails?
Freshop does not do the importing, this will have to be done by the store/ retailer
Can we automate weekly emails for their ads or is that something they have to do manually each week?
Yes. Please refer to Mailchimp: E-blast Guide
I assume we can have a “sign up for weekly ad” button on their website?
Yes. There are multiple places where this is supported.
Home page - used for guest user sign up using email address only
Create Account page - users performing registration can provide their opt in. 
My Account page - manage opt ins
Admin - User Details 


For assistance, please submit a ticket in the Freshop Support Portal at

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