Mailchimp: Creating A New Template

Mailchimp: Creating A New Template

Create a New Email Template

1. Login to MailChimp then navigate to the Templates section. 
Main navigation menu, with Templates highlighted.
2. Click on Create Template button on the right top corner.
Templates page, with the option to create a new template.
3. It takes us to the page where we can select a layout and theme for the email.
Select a layout for email.

4. Once a selection has been made, it creates a template page with a url like “"
5. Here we will be able to edit the template and add content. 
Content and Design editor.

6. Once the template has been updated as needed. It needs to be saved/ submitted. Then the template id (for example id=370949, as visible in the template URL) should be shared with Freshop so we can sync the email template.
7. Merge tags can be added to the email template to populate customer/order/store information.

Merge Tags for Emails

Account and transactional email:
*|CURRENT_YEAR|* - 2022 (This is a dynamic field, always picks up the current year)
*|DISPLAY_NAME|* - User first and last name
*|FRIENDLY_SITE_NAME|* - For example "Blissfield Food Market"
*|LEGAL_SITE_NAME|* - For example, “Blissfield Food Market"
*|SITE_URL|* - Site URL. For example. " 
*|SIGNATURE_SITE_NAME|* -  This is the site name/the legal name. For example, “BlissfieldFoodMarket” - Store Admin Details
*|STORE_CARD_NUMBER|* -  Customer loyalty card number (if linked)
*|STORE_NAME|*-  Name of the order store. For example, "Bolivar"
For order related emails:
*|BAGGING-TYPE|* - The bagging type selected by the shopper for pickup.
*|CUSTOMER_DETAILS|* - Fulfillment information of the customer, like name and address as applicable. If it is a pick up order, the information is mostly display name and contact number.
*|CUSTOMER_SHIPPING_ADDRESS|* - Used in drop shipping emails. This is similar to delivery address but it has a label "Delivery To:" preceding the address.
*|DELIVERY_ADDRESS|*- Displays the delivery address in emails. 
*|DELIVERY_OPTION|*- Delivery option selected by shopper during checkout.
*|DROP_OFF_LOCATION_ADDRESS|*- Displays the drop off location address. 
*|FULFILLMENT_DIRECTIONS|* - Information for the customer indicating where the order can be picked up from, including parking and store contact info for pick up, etc. 
Example of Fulfillment Directions for customers.
*|ORDER_BILLED_TOTAL|* - Charged order total.
*|ORDER_DATE|* - Provides the order date. For example, Thursday, March 3, 2022
*|ORDER_DATE_TIME_STORE|* - Provides slot details for store notification emails. 
*|ORDER_DATE_TIME_USER|* - Provides slot details for user emails. 
*|ORDER_DUE_AT|* - Provides slot date and start time.
*|ORDER_END_TIME|* - Provides the end time of the specific order slot
*|ORDER_ESTIMATED_TOTAL|* - Provides an estimated total.
*|ORDER_FNOTE|* - Provides a label for fulfillment instruction and order note.  Feed via instruction label in the fulfillment type spc
*|ORDER_FNOTE_TEXT|* - Provides an order note without fulfillment label. Value as entered by the shopper
*|ORDER_FULFILLMENT_ID|* - Provides the fulfillment type.
*|ORDER_HOLD_UNTIL_DATE|* - Used if pick-up order is held by the store for a particular number of days.
*|ORDER_ID|* - Order ID number
*|ORDER_ID_URL|* - Provides a URL for orders on clients website.
*|ORDER_INSTRUCTIONS|* - Place to provide order instructions for the customer. Sample/default instructions for pick-up emails are provided below
Example of Order Instructions for customer.
*|ORDER_ORDINAL|* - Total number of orders a customer placed.
*|ORDER_PLACED_DATE|* - For example "Thursday, February 17, 2022"
*|ORDER_PLACED_TIME|* - For example: '1:10pm'
*|ORDER_SLOT_DETAILS|* -  For example:
Order Due Date: Sunday, February 20, 2022
Order Due Time: at 12:30pm
*|ORDER_SLOT_DETAILS_USER|* - For example: "Your order is scheduled for Pick Up on Sunday February 20, 2022 at 12:30pm.
*|ORDER_STORE_ID|* - Freshop store id for the order
*|ORDER_SUMMARY|* - Summary of order information as seen in order related emails
*|ORDER_TIME|* - Provides the starting time of the specific order slot. For example, 8:00 AM
*|ORDER_TYPE|* - Indicates if it is a pick up/delivery order.
*|ORDER_TYPE_SMALL|*Indicates if it is a pick up/delivery order.
*|ORDER_TYPE_TIME|* - Provides a phrase for slot details. For example:
For Pick up - "at 1pm"
For delivery - "between 1pm - 2pm 
*|OTHER_ATTRIBUTES|* - Displays the information configured and tracked as other attributes for a store, track selected rewards and display in an email. For example: "Selected Rewards: $1 off (1)"
*|PAYMENT_TYPE|* -  Provides the payment type from the order. For example: 'Pay in person, or Online (Credit/Debit Card)'
*|SHIPMENT_DETAILS|* - Provides the shipment details for drop ship emails.
*|STORE_DETAILS|* - Store name and address
*|PAY​​​MENT_DETAILS|* - Provides payment summary which includes, payment type, payment status and last 4 digits of the card number

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