Mailchimp: E-blast Guide

Mailchimp: E-blast Guide

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Sign in to your Mailchimp account with your store's credentials at
Mailchimp login, asking for username and password.

Create New Campaign From Master Template

1. Click on “Campaigns" in the top menu. 
Dashboard with main menu. Campaigns tab is highlighted.

2. If you already have a master campaign template you want to use, you will be able to replicate it by clicking the drop down "Edit" arrow in the campaign and click on the "Replicate" option.
This will make a copy of the campaign.
If you need to create a master template, please see our guide on creating new templates in Mailchimp
List of Existing Campaigns.


  1. A new page will open titled “Who are you sending to?”
  2. You can select from your lists of contacts who you want to receive the email from a dropdown menu.
  3. Click “Save and Exit” at anytime.
  4. Click “Next” when you are ready for the next step.


1. Update the Campaign Name to include the campaign's run dates. Remove the "- copy 01" at the end of the name if applicable.
2. Update Email Subject to include the campaign's run dates as well. The best practice for the Email Subject is to exactly match the Campaign Name. 
Campaign Info page.
3. Click “Next” when you are ready for the next step. Skip the “Template” page and go straight to “Design."


1.  Update "Prices good..." dates for the weekly circular by clicking on the text box you want to edit, or by adding a new text box to the top of the ad. 
2. Replace old dates with new dates. 
3. Click “Save and Close” when done editing.
Dates MUST match the Email Subject and Campaign Name. 
4. . Update "View Digital Version" Link. 
5. Click the text box you are editing, then click the “View Digital Version” link.
6. Click on the “< >” icon in the text editor.
Content Editor showing code view in the text editor.
7. Replace date in the two spots highlighted in the screenshot above.
Dates should be entered as follows: if the ad is going out on 2016/11/25, set the dates to 2016/11/26 and 2016_11_26, respectively.
Again, new date MUST be one day ahead, and the format should be 2016/11/26 and 2016_11_26, respectively.
Content editor with text editor showing Code.
8. Click “Save and Close” when done editing.
9. Click “Next” when you are ready for the next step.

Check Details

1. A great way to check if your email looks the way you want is to send yourself a test email. You can do this by going to the "Preview and Test" dropdown menu in the top right corner. 
2. Click "Send a test email" and a “Send a test” module will appear. Add your email to the “Send a test to” text field. 
3. Click “Send” and you will receive the email you just created.
4. Campaign checklist, with Preview and Test highlights and showing a secondary menu. At the bottom is the tab where you can enter any email you'd like to receive a test blast. 
Campaign Checklist.
5. Be sure to check the entire email for: misspellings, functionality issues (broken links), and inconsistencies (i.e. dates are different in different places).
6. Click through the links in your email to make sure they lead to the right places. Here's a helpful checklist to make this easier:
  1. Link: Opens to browser in new window
  2. Logo: Opens to the site homepage in a new window
  3. Text: Make sure dates are correct
  4. Link: Opens to the Weekly Ad/Circular page on site in a new window
  5. Image: Make sure it is the correct Weekly Ad
  6. Link: Opens to the site homepage in a new window
  7. Icons: Facebook opens to store’s Facebook account and the other icon takes you to the site’s homepage; both should open in new windows
  8. Footer links: Make sure they work properly
Do not click the ‘Unsubscribe’ link. 
Test e-blast example.

Schedule Campaign

1. Schedule the email campaign to be sent. Click on the "Schedule" button.
2. Choose the send date from the "Delivery Date" section. 
3. Set the time to when you want the email to go out. 
4. Click “Schedule Campaign” when you are ready to send it off.
You do not need to worry about any of the items with check marks next to them -- those are all set!
Campaign Checklist.


If you need help creating and sending a Mailchimp e-blast, please submit a ticket at and we will be happy to assist you. 

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