Obtaining Google API Keys for Stores to Enable Auto-Complete

Obtaining Google API Keys for Stores to Enable Auto-Complete

Google has changed the way their pricing works - for example where Google Maps used to be free, they are now charging and it can be based on the traffic of the site. If a store is now interested in enabling Google Maps lookahead they will have to sign up for an account with Google and send Freshop the Google API keys. 

Create API Keys

  1. Go to https://console.developers.google.com
  2. Sign up and enter your billing information
  3. Select API library from the left menu
    1. Search and add the following APIs
      1. Maps JavaScript API
      2. Maps Embed API
      3. Maps Static API
      4. Places API
      5. Geocoding API
  4. Click credentials from the left menu
  5. Click Create Credentials and select API key
  6. Copy the API key from the modal
  7. Click Restrict Key
  8. Select HTTP Referrers under Application Restrictions
    1. Click Add An Item and enter <sub_domain>.freshopsites.com/*
    2. Click Add An Item and enter <sub_domain>.freshopsite.com/*
    3. Click Add An Item and enter *.<domain>.com/*
  9. Click Restrict Key under API Restrictions
    1. Search and select "Maps JavaScript API"
    2. Search and select "Maps Embed API"
    3. Search and select "Maps Static API"
    4. Search and select "Places API"
    5. Search and select "Geocoding API"
  10. Click Save

Contact Freshop

Send the API key from step #6 to Freshop at https://support.freshop.com/. Let us know that you would like to enable Google Maps auto-complete and the name of your website/url. 

The API Key must be COPY & PASTED to prevent mis-typing errors. We will not accept a screenshot.

Last Updated: 4/15/20
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