Payeezy: Hosted Checkout Account Setup

Payeezy: Hosted Checkout Account Setup

This guide applies to you if you already have a First Data Merchant Account and you would like to set up a Payeezy Gateway Payment Page , which will allow your site to accept payments with Payeezy’s hosted web payment form.  

If you need to set up a First Data account please contact First Data for details.

If you need help with access to your LIVE merchant account, please contact your First Data account manager.

1. Log In
Log into your Payeezy Gateway virtual terminal  at .

2. Collect Gateway ID and Password

  • Access Terminal > Details screen
  • Copy your Gateway ID and paste it into your notepad
  • Select the Generate Password option (this will create a new password) 
  • Copy the Password and paste it into your notepad
  • You must then click on Update at the bottom of the screen
Terminal tab with account details.

3. Collect Key ID and HMAC Key

  • Access Terminal > API Access screen
  • Copy Key ID to your notepad
  • Click on Generate New Key under HMAC key (this will generate a new key) 
  • Copy and paste the New Key to your notepad
  • You must then click on Update at the bottom of the screen
API Access tab.

4. Set up the Payment Page

Click on Home > Payment Pages > Create a New Payment Page
  • General Settings
    • Payment Page Title: The label used for this payment page
    • Return to your site URL: Add “/checkout#!/review” to the end your site base url. For example:!/review
    • Notification Email: The email address specified in this field will receive copies of the payment confirmation emails sent to each customer (if this feature is enabled) as well as alert messages indicating errors returned from the payment page. This is a required field.
    • Click on Next at the bottom left of the page
  • Payment Types Setup
    • Processing Mode: Make sure Live is selected
    • Terminal Assignment: Select Use This Payment Page For All Terminals - if you have multiple terminals and you are using this payment page for all of them. Otherwise, leave it unchecked and you will need to create a page for each terminal
    • Credit Card Payments: Select Enable Credit Card Payments to offer this option; select the Merchant account and Terminal to process credit card payments with this payment page if Use This Payment Page For All Terminals was not selected earlier
    • Click on Next at the bottom of the page and skip the next page Pay Now/Donate Now 
    • Click on Next to Receipt Page Setup.
  • Receipt Page Setup
    • Receipt Link Method: Select the first option Automatic linking to the receipt page including result parameters using HTTP POST method (AUTO-POST)
    • Receipt Link Text: Leave it blank
    • Receipt Link URL:
    • Click NextSkip the next few sections: Receipt Emails, Recurring, and Customize Form
  • Appearance
    • Customize the appearance of the payment form; you may use the Preview feature to see how your payment form looks
  • Security
    • Encryption Type: MD5
    • Transaction Key: Copy and paste this key to your notepad
  • Click Create at the bottom right to save your payment page

5. Payment Page ID

You're almost done!
  • Click on Home, then Payment Pages 
  • Find your new payment page from the list
  • Copy and paste the Payment Page ID to your notepad

6. Contact Freshop

Contact the Support Team at  (or email Freshop at  or your Project Manager). Please include the following 7  pieces of data :
  • Store Name/ID
  • Gateway ID (step 2)
  • Gateway Password (step 2)
  • Key ID (step 3)
  • HMAC Key (step 3)
  • Transaction Key (step 4)
  • Payment Page ID (step 5)
The above needs to be COPY & PASTED - we will not accept a screenshot. 

7. Google Analytics: Add Hosted Payment Provider Exclusions

Once Freshop has confirmed that the process has been completed there is one last step for the store. 

Referral Exclusions MUST be added to the Google Analytics settings at the Property level to ensure the customer’s return does not start a NEW Google Analytics session.

8. Receiving 'Unable to proceed with payment' Error During Testing

Once Hosted Payeezy has been set up and the store is testing the functionality - if you are seeing the following green error message that says 'Unable to proceed with payment' then there has been an error in setting up the hosted checkout screen. 

Unable to proceed with payment error message.
The store needs to double check that the above steps were followed closely when setting up: 
  1. Log into
  2. Follow the above steps making sure that each key/password is correct and that there are no leading or trailing white spaces when doing the copy & paste 
  3. Correct the keys if needed, and update the Payment SPC in the Freshop Admin
    1. Log into the Freshop Admin
    2. Select Service Provider Configuration under the Stores menu
    3. Search on the Store (parent level) and Payment Types for the Service Provider Types drop-down with the Cascade box checked
    4. Scroll down to the applicable Payeezy Hosted Checkout result that is having the issue 
    5. Select it, make the updates and Save
  4. If it is still not working, double check that the keys/passwords have no leading and trailing whitespace in the Payment SPC in Freshop (you can check by putting the mouse cursor to the front and back of each field to check)
  5. If you have tried all of the above and you are still having issues, Freshop will need to review. Please provide your credentials to login to your Payeezy Gateway Portal. Once we update then you will need to change your password

Last Updated: 05/05/20