PayPal: Account Setup / Integrating API Keys

PayPal: Account Setup / Integrating API Keys

Create Account

To create a business PayPal account go to

Once your account has been created you will need to follow the below steps to get the API keys integrated. 

Integrating API Keys

Please Note: If you just created your account you can skip steps one and two.
1. Navigate to in your browser. URL for sign in page.

2. Sign in: Enter your Email address and Password in the spaces provided in the top right corner. Hit enter to sign in. 

PayPal home page.

3. From the Account Dashboard, click on Tools in the top navigation.

Account Dashboard page.

4. From the Tools page you will need to scroll down to the Manage Your Business section.

Tools page, with different sections and subsections.

5. In the Manage Your Business section, click on Business Setup to continue.

Tools page, Manage your business section.

6. Expand Option A by clicking the “+” to the left.

7. Once this is expanded, click on Get your API Credentials to continue.

Business Setup page, Option A expanded.
This will bring you to the API Access page. 

API Access page.

8. Click the link labeled View API Signature in the bottom right.

View API Signature link.

This will display the API Signature information.

View or Remove API Signature page, displaying API information.

9. Highlight the section as displayed below.
View or Remove API Signature page, displaying API information. Username, Password, Signature, and Request Date are highlighted.

10. Right-click and select Copy.

Please Paste the API Username, API Password, Signature & Request Date into an email to (or better yet send through the Support Portal at so that Freshop can enable on the website.
View or Remove API Signature page, displaying API information highlighted to be copied.  

You must COPY & PASTE the keys. Freshop will not accept a screenshot.

11. Click on Done once you are finished to close the menu.


Google Analytics: Add Hosted Payment Provider Exclusions

Once Freshop has confirmed that the process has been completed there is one last step for the store. 

Referral Exclusions MUST be added to the Google Analytics settings at the Property level to ensure the customer’s return does not start a NEW Google Analytics session.

Please see the Google Analytics: Hosted Payment Provider Referral Exclusions guide for steps. 

 Last Updated: 04/01/2020