Printing Bag Tags with the Freshop for Stores App-Android

Printing Bag Tags with the Freshop for Stores App-Android

1. From the order details screen tap the More icon

Customer order Items tab.

2. Tap on Print Labels

Before printing for the first time, make sure your Print Settings are configured by tapping on the Settings icon next to the Print button.

Print button, with Settings button on right.

Select the appropriate printer model and label.  If you don’t see the model or labels here please contact to make a feature request.

Print Settings Page.

Now that Print Settings are configured we’re ready to select the label types and print.

3. Indicate how many tags you need for each type.

 Check the checkbox if you would like to include a Print Summary.

Print Bag Tags information menu.

4. Tap the setting button to the right of the Print button to set up your printer.

Print button, with gear for Settings menu on the right.

Print Settings tab.


The first time you try to print you’ll be prompted for permission. Tap Allow then tap Print again. 

For more details on setting up your printer, review this article:

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This document was last updated 2017-07-31.  For assistance, please contact