You can add and track promotions in the Freshop Admin Dashboard. Promotions that are created here relate to modifying order totals or order service fees. You can provide customers with a code or manually apply the promotion to receive a discount on their fulfillment fees or order total.

To view your list of current/past promotions:

1. Select “Promotions” from the left menu under "Stores".

2. Select a store(s) where the promotion is valid and/or search for a particular promotion name. 
3. Click on the name of the promotion to review or edit.
Once a promotion is created and applied by a shopper, you will need to either manually enter the discount at the register or create a UPC for each promotion during the True-Up Payment process. This can, but does not have to, be tied back to the Admin. There is a field titled “UPC” in the “Adding a Promotion” section of the Admin. See below.
To make promotions more seamless during the True-Up Payment process, we suggest adding a UPC button to your POS so discounts can be calculated automatically. Or, you may deduct the promotional amount manually before adding the final order total in the True-Up process through the Admin Dashboard. 

Adding Promotions

1. Select “Promotions” from the left menu under "Stores".
2. Select a store(s) for the promotion. 
3. To create a promotion, click the green "Add Promotion" button. Fill in the requested information.
*In the list below, an asterisk denotes a required field and must be filled out to save your promotion.
  • Store*: Select a store or group that this promo applies to. This is a required field and must be filled in. You should be able to start typing into the field and have search results appear.
  • Fulfillment Type* (which type of orders this applies to): Pickup, Delivery, Drop-Off or Direct to Home. If you leave this blank it will apply to all fulfillment types that are offered on the site by the stores included in the promo. Otherwise, select all fulfillment types that the promo applies to - one at a time. 
  • Name*: Give a name to the promotion which will show within this backend Admin list of promotions along with on the front-end website to the left of the promo price in the Checkout Summary. This is a required field and must be filled in. This is helpful when you want to reinstate an old promotion or make a change to an existing promotion.
  • Start and End Dates: Duration the promotion is valid for. Base this on your local store time not ‘UTC.'

  • Code: This is the code the shopper enters upon checkout in the Promotion Code section. If you do not designate a code the promotion will automatically apply to anyone who meets the criteria.
  • Redemption Count: How many times in total the promotion can be used. This is NOT per user. For example, if only the first 100 people can use this, enter 100. If there are no limits to the number of people who can take advantage of this promotion then leave the field empty.
Each promotion applies only to the fulfillment fee or order total. For each promotion complete either the fulfillment fee or order total fields below, but not both. You will need to create separate promotions if you are running more than one promotion (for example, for $10 off a $75 order and one promotion for free pick up (fulfillment)). You will also need to check the box for “Is Stackable” on both promotions if shoppers can take advantage of both promotions simultaneously. See stackable field description below. 
  • Fulfillment Fee Adjustment/Percent: Relates to modifying the pickup/delivery fee. You can give a designated dollar amount off or a percentage off the pickup or delivery fee. For example, enter 2.00 in the Fulfillment Fee Adjustment field if the promotion is good for $2.00 off  the delivery/pick-up fee or add 100 in the Fulfillment Fee Adjustment Percent field if the fulfillment fee is free. Only use numerical entries, do not add text or symbols.
  • Order Total Adjustment/Percent: Same as above but relates to the total purchase amount. Enter a flat dollar amount off the total in the Order Total Adjustment field or a percentage off the total order amount in the Order Total Adjustment Percent field.
  • Order Total Above/Below: You can set upper and lower limits on your promotions. These are used to put restrictions on how much the customer needs to spend in order to take advantage of the promotion. For example, does the order have to be over $100? Or, if you want to set up a tiered promotion. For example if a customer spends between $50 and $100, he/she receives $5 off; but spending between $100-$200 will give him/her $10 off.
  • UPC: This is for backend retrieval. Enter the UPC to show in the Order Admin to tie into your POS system. This is helpful if you need to scan a UPC tied to this promotion at your register to have it reflect in your Trued-Up Payment total. Or, if you need to refer to the UPC for a rebate for example.
  • Message*: This is the help text added to the customer’s order summary describing the promotion and shows when the user hovers over the promo price in the Checkout Summary. This is a required field and must be filled in.
  • Is Stackable Checkbox: Check this box if customers can use more than one promotion at a time. Leave this unchecked if they can only use one promotion per order. For example, if you are a running both a promotion for $5.00 off a $100 order, as well as a promotion for free delivery on your first three orders.
  • Per User: If you would like this promotion to only be available to a particular shopper use this field. For example, if there is a need to ever enter a refund/credit for a particular user this field can be used. Click the drop-down arrow and search for the user name/email. Only the user listed will be able to use this promo. (Note: this is for users that have an account).
  • Per User Emails (This applies only to users who haven't created an account yet): Similar to the Per User field but this is for users that have not yet created an account. Just insert the email(s) into the field to be used.
  • Per User Redemption Count: This is how many times an account/user can use this promo. If it is left empty then there will be no limits on how many times a customer can redeem the offer. Often promotions can only be used once per customer – in this case enter 1.
  • Per User Min Prior Order Count: The minimum number of orders that need to be placed for a customer to qualify for the promotion. For example, enter 25 for 'Save $10 after your 25th order'. Entering a numerical “Zero” (0) means only first time customers can use the promotion, because they have not yet placed any orders. Entering a numerical “One” (1) would mean this promotion is good for a customer’s first 2 orders, because you could have already placed one but not two orders. After the second order, this promotion will become unusable for this customer.
  • Per User Max Prior Order Count: The maximum number of orders that a customer must have already placed to qualify for the promotion. For example, enter 0 for 'Save $10 on your first order', or 2 for 'Save $10 on your first three orders'.
  • Per User Order Ordinal: This is used to specify exactly for which order a promo is applicable. For example, $5 off 5th order, enter “5” to specify that it is only good for a user’s 5th order.
  • Product Tags: Restricts the promotion to a specific set of products. Enter the product tags associated with the products and the promotion will only be active for orders with those products.
  • Save button: Be sure to save your promotion. It will then show in the list when you first enter promotions from the menu.
  • Delete button: Delete an existing promotion with the delete button at the bottom right.
The promotions/codes you create can be provided to your shoppers for input upon checkout. The customer’s summary and estimated total will reflect the applied promotion. 
Checkout page.

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