Returns and Credits

Returns and Credits

Our system was not designed to support returns online. This typically will be handled at the store as you would any other ‘in-store’ return.
However, you can use the promotions section here to create a makeshift return online with some manual processing on your end.

To do so, use the Add Promotion process to set up an auto applied promo for the shopper to receive a ‘credit’ the next time they place an online order. To do this, see the following steps:

  1. Go to and log in (you will need to have access to Promotions).
  2. Select Promotions from the left nav of the admin portal.
  3. Click the ‘Add Promotion’ button.
  4. Select your store or use the parent store if you want this credit to be valid for all stores.
  5. Enter the Fulfillment (pickup, delivery, etc.) Type. If you leave this blank it will apply to all fulfillment types that you offer.
  6. In the Name field: enter text that reads "Credit for Refund Order # [ ]." You can find the order # within the Orders menu.
  7. Per User: select the shopper from the drop-down using their email or name (this is down at the bottom of the page and once the user is selected only they can use the promo; credit will automatically be added when they checkout).
  8. Order Total Adjustment: enter the amount to be deducted from the total. If providing a $20 refund, then enter 20 in this field.
  9. Order Total Above: fill this in for the amount of the credit, for example in this instance add 20. This means that the order total has to be above $20 for this promo to be applied. You would not want a promo that exceeds the value of the order to be applied.
  10. Click the Save button.
The next time the user places an online order the credit promo will be automatically applied to their order as long as it fits the above requirements. If the credit was for $20 as mentioned above then the customer needs to have a total of at least $20 for the credit to be applied.

For your reference, the Order Admin has the following information available on each order: Order #, Name, Phone, Address (if provided for delivery order), Email, Customer Card # (if they added), Payment Summary with Payment Type (for credit card this will say ‘Credit Card’ – we do not store user’s card # as it is not PCI compliant to do so), Payment Status, Order Status, Order/Store Notes, Items Ordered.
Once a promotion is created and applied by an online shopper, you will need to either manually enter the discount at the register or create a UPC for each promotion. This can, but does not have to be, tied back to the Admin. There is a field titled “UPC” in the “Add Promotion” section of the Promotions article.

When at the True-Up Payment process– the final amount to be charged is usually directly taken from the register, therefore, it is not taking into account any promotions unless the store has entered this at the POS. So, you need to either tie a UPC or remember to manually add/deduct promotional amounts before adding final amounts in the True-Up Payment process through the Admin.

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