Freshop offers integration with multiple delivery services to do the “last mile” delivery portion of an order if the store does not wish to provide this service themselves. Postmates is our latest integration partner for this - the order is placed online through the store website, fulfilled by the store’s personal shopper, and delivered to the customer by Postmates.


  1. Customers will be provided a choice when selecting a store for Delivery or Pickup through the online website (each store may have different offerings)

  2. For delivery orders, Freshop will ask the address for the delivery. If it's covered Freshop will show a list of stores that provide the service the customer can choose from

  3. Customers build their list as normal and on checkout will be able to select their delivery slot and see any associated fees (e.g. delivery fee, if the store has decided to have a separate fulfillment fee)

  4. Customers may add a tip during the checkout process

  5. On order submission, Freshop will send a store notification email to the store (if this was set up during the original onboarding process - in the Freshop Orders Admin the order status will be set to Placed) and then Freshop will let Postmates know of the delivery order through their API

    1. The store can track the status with Postmates through the External Reference section in the Freshop Orders Admin. This same status can also be viewed through the Postmates Portal Dashboard (store should receive login info upon signing up)

    2. Postmates will get a driver ready once they receive the order. Postmates requires a 2 hour lead time

  6. The Postmates driver drives the order to the customer's delivery address and carries the groceries to the designated location

    1. Successful deliveries - will get an updated status of 'Completed' in the Freshop Admin under the External Reference section

    2. Unsuccessful deliveries (deliveries that cannot be completed or have been refused) - This will be handled on a case by case basis

To get a general idea of whether your store locations are covered by Postmates please contact Postmates.

How To Get Started?

Contact Postmates to check on coverage for your area, costs and to get signed up. Then contact the Freshop Help Desk at https://support.freshop.com (or email help@freshop.com) with your interest in adding Postmates as your delivery service. We will then assign a Freshop Account Manager to oversee the onboarding process. 

Please Note: This feature may require an additional license and/or usage fee to be confirmed during the onboarding process. 

Store To Provide 

  • Once signed up for a Postmates account - add integrations@freshop.com as a user

  • Store-specific instructions for the Postmates driver to pick up the order

  • Store-specific procedures for the Postmates driver if orders are refused or unable to be delivered

  • Store-specific delivery rates need to be provided as the customer is charged the full amount which includes the tip

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