Add/Update Slot Messages

Add/Update Slot Messages

Slot messages show at the time of checkout and can be updated to fit the store's needs. The message can be added/updated per fulfillment type and can be different per store. 

Slot Message on front-end website.

1. Go to and log in
2. Select Stores > Service Provider Configurations from the menu
3. Store: Select your store from the drop-down
4. Service Provider Type: Select Checkout Settings from the drop-down
5. Service Provider: Select Slot Settings from the drop-down
6. Slot Settings will appear in the list per fulfillment type if available
  1. You can select one to update the slot message
  2. OR you can select the Add Service Provider Configurations button to add one
7. If you are adding a new one you will need to make sure the Status says Live if you want it to appear on the website
8. Slot Selection Message: Either update the message or add a new one
9. Save the update, wait 15 minutes and test

Last Updated: 4/17/20

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