Walk Path Guide

Walk Path Guide

The walk path you set up for your personal shoppers will maximize their time processing each order from start to finish.  Items on orders are presented in a store-specific walk path.  Read more about increasing efficiency with your walk path here

Create a Walk Path

1. Open the Freshop for Stores App and sign-in using the credentials provided. Your login for the App is the same as your Admin Login.
  1. If you need a login, please see Creating an admin user account.
  2. You need to have Store Admin rights to edit walk path.
2. Click on the menu in the top left corner and select Walk Path .
3. Select a Store to set a walk path for. If you have multiple stores, you will have to drill down to the individual store level. 
Walk paths are always assigned at the physical store level. All other attributes can be assigned at the physical store or the banner level. We realize for single store banners they are one and the same, but from the perspective of organizing data, walk paths are honored at the store level at which they are assigned.
4. Once at the store level, click the + in the top right corner to " Select Walk Path Location ."
5. Scroll through the pre-loaded Aisles and location names and make your selection.
  1. You will do this for each department/location within your store.
  2. If you do not see the selection in the list of common aisles and location names, select "Add New" from the top of the list.
6. Type or copy and paste a new walk path title into the field. You can create any new walk path aisle or location.
For example, for Dairy you might want to create the following walk paths: “Dairy/Milk;  or  Dairy/Yogurt; or Dairy/Cheese.” Then select “ Save.”
7. This will add your new area to the bottom of the list of categories. Continue creating all aisles and locations. You can set the order later if you prefer.
Created Walk Path list.

8.  To add items to each area of your walk path begin by selecting the arrow > next to the walk path title.

Assign Products to the Walk Path

1. Use the barcode scanner icon to scan a product in that walk path. When scanned, you will be shown category options associated with that product with checkboxes to the left. 

2. Choose the highest product category that the item exists in on the shopper side
ie. Cereal & Breakfast Foods. Do not pick Shop, Pantry or any Department shop level.
3. Once you select a category for that item, every item located in the Cereal & Breakfast Foods category under “Shop” on the web site, will be in the Cereal & Breakfast foods walk path category in the Order Admin so you do not have to scan every UPC of cereal you offer.

Assigning Product Category menu.

Categories Within the Walk Path

1. You can choose multiple categories to be in the same walk path. For example, we added beverages to the Aisle 1 walk path.

Walk Path with multiple categories.
2. Once you have set the walk path for a category, there may be one or more products that are in a different location than the rest. For example, pancake mix may fall under the Cereal & Breakfast Foods category, but is located in Aisle 2.
  • Create the walk path for Aisle 2, use your barcode or search fields to locate the product and place it in that walk path
  • Now, pancake mix resides in the Cereal & Breakfast Foods category but is located in Aisle 2

Set Your Walk Path Sequence

1. The walk path sequence is set by each store. However,  we recommend pickers start with grocery then proceed through dairy, meat, bakery and produce, finishing with frozen.
2.  Once your products have been assigned to a walk path, you can reorder the set paths by clicking on the three dots to the left of the walk path title and then dragging and dropping. The sequence here will determine the  order the items are listed in for the picker. This can be changed at any time as walk paths are added, edited or your store layout changes.
3. Walk paths can be edited or deleted by swiping left next to the arrow >

Edit or Delete Walk Path.

Finalizing Your Walk Path

Upon initial creation and completion of the walk path using the App, click " Publish". You will see your changes updated within 24 hrs. This typically happens with your next data import.
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