Worldpay Vantiv Express Account Setup

Worldpay Vantiv Express Account Setup

Merchant Credentials

Step 1 - Set up an online payment account for each store. 

If you have a WorldPay rep, you may want to go through them, You will need your current account's MID. 

If you don't have a rep and don't already have a contact number for WorldPay, please try this number: 866-655-5353.  

 If you are using Hosted Vantiv - please see the guide called Google Analytics: Hosted Payment Provider and Exclusions as Referral Exclusions must be added to prevent a new Google Analytics session. 

Step 2 - Login to your iQ account to retrieve your credentials  

1To access the credentials log into your account on iQ and follow the instructions in this video. (The video plays best in a Chrome browser) 




2. Navigate to the Virtual Terminal > Profile page. 


Step 3 - Email your Account Manager  

Once you have set up online payment accounts, we will need the FOUR following credentials from stores.  

Please copy and paste them into an email and send it to your Account Manager.

  • Account ID 

  • Acceptor ID 

  • Account Token 

  • DefaultTerminal ID   

Please Note: The above credentials must be COPY & PASTED. A screenshot of the credentials will not be accepted. 

Step 4 - Google Analytics: Add Hosted Payment Provider Exclusions 

Once Freshop has confirmed that the process has been completed there is one last step for the store.  
Referral Exclusions MUST be added to the Google Analytics settings at the Property level to ensure the customer’s return does not start a NEW Google Analytics session. 

Please see the  Google Analytics: Hosted Payment Provider Referral Exclusions guide for steps.  

Additional Information

The retailer will need to contact Worldpay Vantiv to enable CVV, ASV and saved payments as these are paid services. 
Please see our article on saved payments for additional information.
We do not support partial refunds.

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