How to Replace/Update Circular Pages

How to Replace/Update Circular Pages

1. Go to
2. Select Circulars from left navigation menu, then select Circular Page.
3. Select the Top level to change ads for all stores or select the specific store to just change that one.
4. Select the correct Ad date.
5. Select the File name that needs to be changed. The file must be a .JPEG file to load via the admin.
6. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select REPLACE.

7. Find the new file to replace the current circular. Drag and drop file or click to upload.
8. Click Save
9. Click Process
10. Cache will need to clear and the page refreshed

As long as the page layout is the same, all existing offers will automatically hook to the new image file.


For assistance, please submit a ticket in the Freshop Support Portal at

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